Year: 2024

iPad Pro: the design would become outdated, here is its successor

Three-dimensional models of the next iPad Pro have just leaked onto the web. We discover that the small model (with an 11-inch diagonal screen) would lose 0.8 millimeters in thickness compared to 1.4 millimeters for the large model (12.9 inches). The information comes to us once again from our colleagues at MacRumors , who suggest that they have received diagrams sent […]

A new arrow appears in Google Maps

It provides better guidance. In February 2023, Google announced a feature for its navigation app, but it took a while to become available. The deployment would have in fact started a few days ago, more than a year after the announcement, as reported by 9to5Mac. Visible Directions The feature in question is called “  Visible Directions  ,” and as the name […]