While waiting for news, Tim Cook makes a new statement about generative AI.

Unlike other digital giants, such as Google, Meta or Microsoft, Apple has not yet deployed generative artificial intelligence on its products and services. However, the Cupertino company is working well on this technology. And, in case that wasn’t clear enough, Apple CEO Tim Cook just made a new statement regarding generative AI.

According to our colleagues at TechCrunch, during a meeting with investors, Tim Cook promised that Apple will innovate in terms of GenAI this year. Previously, he confirmed that Apple will make an announcement during the presentation of the firm’s quarterly results. However, historically, Apple has the habit of deploying new products a little late, compared to the competition.

In any case, Apple seems to want to reassure its investors that if, for the moment, no ChatGPT or Galaxy AI type functionality is available on its platforms, the firm is preparing something. Otherwise, it should also be noted that recently, rumors indicated that Apple had decided to abandon its electric and autonomous car project. And some of the employees who worked on the “Apple Car” project would have been assigned to Apple’s artificial intelligence projects.

What’s new for the iPhone?

Apple has not yet indicated how its users will benefit from generative AI. But rumors are already circulating about new iPhone products that could rely on this technology. For example, rumors suggest an equivalent of ChatGPT which would be tested internally by Apple, and which would later be used to improve Siri.

Apple could also integrate generative AI into Spotlight, the iPhone’s search tool. In addition, generative AI could land on certain applications, such as the Health app.
It is possible that these new features will be announced with iOS 18. As a reminder, this version of iOS will be presented in June, during Apple’s WWDC conference. Then, the operating system will be tested in beta, before arriving in a stable version in the fall. A list of devices that could be updated to iOS 18 is already circulating on the web.

Otherwise, it is also rumored that Apple should equip the iPhone 16 series with new chips whose AI capabilities would have been considerably increased. Therefore, it is possible that certain Apple innovations are reserved for these iPhones.