Enough to add superb lighting ambiances in your living room, your bedroom, the hallway, etc.

Treat yourself for the end of winter with this Meross bedside lamp (new model) currently on sale : $37 including shipping costs . The usual price of the item is $50.

You must check the reduction coupon to bring the price down to $36 and dust (delivery is free).

Let’s not forget to mention an important detail: the lamp is Apple HomeKit compatible ! You can therefore control it very easily from the Home application on your iPhone and via Siri voice requests.


In addition, its lighting is multi-colored. It’s up to you to choose the right color according to your wishes, those of your child, or even according to the time of day. Violet in the evening for a gentle bedtime, yellow in the morning, for a sunny awakening despite the gray of winter.

This lamp will certainly find a place of choice on your bedside table , or even in the living room. Knowing that in addition to having the possibility of controlling it remotely, there are numerous automated scenarios that you can set up to modify its state, on, off, color, intensity, etc., according to a specific trigger. Thus, it will “shine” as a night light for a child, with power off at a given time. This is just one example among hundreds of other possible programmings!

At $37 instead of $50, it will be difficult to resist this Meross HomeKit bedside lamp . The reduction is significant: $13 set aside, or almost 26% of the normal price… A very nice potential object to watch over the children’s bedroom or the corridors of the house at night.