A brand from the SFR group offers a subscription at a very low price compared to the competition. You can change your plan now to save money by choosing this new offer. While keeping your current telephone number (with the RIO code).

RED by SFR offers a mobile plan at 10.99 dollars per month for 130 GB of data , without commitment. The offer also includes unlimited calls, SMS and even MMS. 5G is offered to all customers, without any extra charge. And international coverage is also included, with no less than 27 GB to spend in overseas departments or in the European Union. If you add 5 euros per month to the base price, you can also benefit from the 35 GB option in the European Union and overseas territories including 20 GB in Switzerland, Andorra, the United States and Canada.

To find out more about mobile connectivity, know that 5G offers very high speeds even faster than that of 4G. If, despite everything, you reach the end of the 130 GB of monthly data having used it all, you can also choose to buy a recharge. The price here is set at 10 euros for 50 GB of data. Please note, however, that internet use is blocked beyond a recharge. 5G is also not available everywhere, but 4G is, and your RED by SFR package also receives this network. No worries in the event of an unavailable 5G antenna, therefore.

What are the advantages of this 5G subscription?

The 130 GB plan at 10.99 dollars per month from RED by SFR offers you a dedicated mobile app. The platform is called RED & Moi and you will find information about your account, the possibility of purchasing a recharge online or the possibility of modifying your bank details. Online assistance is also available in the event of a problem. For example, you can contact it if your SIM card no longer works, or if the network is unavailable in your city. A technician will be able to help you and customer service is quite responsive on a daily basis.

Please note that as the RED by SFR subscription at 10.99 dollars per month is non-binding, you are free to cancel free of charge whenever you wish. As we know that many regularly scan social networks in search of a cheaper plan, it is an advantage if you find one.

Other options are available to users

If the plan at 10.99 dollars per month for 130 GB is not enough, know that RED by SFR offers additional options.

For example, you can buy data packs available for just twenty-five euros for trips abroad. This choice will probably be cheaper than choosing a SIM card at your destination airport. In fact, it is not uncommon to see operators offering prices well beyond the amounts charged to local residents.

To consult the conditions of this offer, you can go to the RED by SFR website by clicking below. You will find there the price brochure and the general subscription conditions, which are important to know as a customer. The general conditions of sale are also available at this address, for the most skeptical.