Three-dimensional models of the next iPad Pro have just leaked onto the web. We discover that the small model (with an 11-inch diagonal screen) would lose 0.8 millimeters in thickness compared to 1.4 millimeters for the large model (12.9 inches). The information comes to us once again from our colleagues at MacRumors , who suggest that they have received diagrams sent to accessory manufacturers. The latter, for example, to be able to market their protective cases in time for tablet pre-orders, must know the measurements of the iPad well in advance of the official publication of the technical sheet.

This new chassis is not the only change that would see the light of day with the 2024 iPad Pros . We therefore assume that future devices will also benefit from an OLED panel, a first in this range. For comparison, LCD displays today consume more energy, in particular because they require significant backlighting while OLED components natively generate the light they need. We also know that imaging professionals, whom Apple is targeting with the iPad Pro, prefer the greater contrasts of this technology. The latter also diffuses more vibrant colors, in theory.

What will be the exact dimensions of the new iPad Pros?

MacRumors has published the potential dimensions of these new premium tablets. Here they are :

  • 24.97 centimeters in length, 17.75 centimeters in width and 5.1 millimeters in thickness with the fifth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 28.15 centimeters in length, 21.55 centimeters in width and 5 millimeters in thickness with the seventh generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro

For those who have them in mind, the lengths of the current iPad Pros are therefore shorter than those apparently on the way for spring. For widths, however, it is different. Indeed, the fifth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro is narrower (only a few tenths of a millimeter) than the fourth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro. On the other hand, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 2024 is a little wider than the previous model.

This therefore means, in principle, that the protective shells of your current iPad Pro cannot be reused with the next version, if indeed you want it. For relatively soft silicone accessories, however, deviations of only a few tenths of a millimeter could still allow them to fit the shapes of the new models. We bet that some will try to verify it following the first receipts of pre-orders.


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High-end technical sheet to the report

The iPad Pros are today the most expensive but also the most powerful tablets sold by Apple in Europe. The versions currently available in stores are equipped with the M2 processor, which is also found under the hood of certain MacBook Airs and certain MacBook Pros. But this generation has since been followed by a new family, this time numbered M3. However, for the moment, no tablet tablet has been entitled to it. Even on the laptop side, only one laptop is equipped. This is the new 14-inch MacBook Pro presented last year by Apple.

It is assumed that the fifth generation 11-inch iPad Pro and the seventh generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be the first tablets from the American manufacturer to also feature the M3 processor. This is the basic version with minimum configuration for the graphics card that is expected. So don’t expect to see an M3 Pro or M3 Max motherboard on the iPad Pro for the moment. Another large touch screen from Apple is perhaps in preparation, with an even more imposing diagonal and therefore perhaps also improved performance, but the release date of this potential novelty remains unknown.