Ahead of its time, but still…

When you look at Apple’s history , it’s hard to believe that some products were imagined about 20 years ago, or more. This is particularly the case with the iPod Hi-Fi, which was marketed by the Apple company 18 years ago now.

Ahead of its time

On February 28, 2006, Cupertino presented at the time what could be seen as a major breakthrough in the world of home music listening. The speaker now presents an elegant and minimalist design made by Jony Ive as well as remarkable audio quality. To top it off, you can connect your iPod very easily, thanks to a connector placed on the top of the speaker, and compatible with all models of the time.

In terms of its technical characteristics, the device is equipped with two midrange speakers, a woofer, and a double voice coil for bass. The midrange drivers reproduce clear and precise sound, such as vocals, as well as most musical instruments. The woofer takes care of more serious sounds, in particular to offer better depth to the bass, but also more power, in order to enrich the listening experience. The double coil improves the management of low frequencies, in order to optimize the woofer.

He didn’t last very long

Despite a certain innovation, the device unfortunately did not have the expected success. Only 554 days after its release, Apple stopped selling it on September 5, 2007.

For experienced music lovers, this was a big disappointment. The iPod Hi-Fi indeed seemed suitable for this type of profile, but for the general public, it’s another story. The first obstacle to purchasing for the majority of people was first of all the price of 349 dollars . At the time, few people took the plunge, especially since it wasn’t its only flaw.

The fact that the connector was placed at the top of the speaker made it vulnerable to possible shocks . Something that Apple obviously hadn’t thought of, or that it underestimated at the time.