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Amazon represents a world famous website. Specialized in e-commerce, it can be used by a large number of companies and entrepreneurs to sell authentic and inexpensive products. If you want to become a seller on Amazon, you can open an account which can allow you to upload the products you want to sell. This platform has thousands of customers and you can live off your profits if you use your account optimally.

However, it is quite possible to face account suspension. This concern can happen for different reasons. Indeed, the managers of the site want quality services for customers. This is why all those who have an account on the platform are obliged to strictly follow the rules as well as the sales policies given there.

When your account is blocked, you still have the option to unlock amazon account it. The following lines will help you to unlock the amazon account.

These are the following reason for suspension:


Selling restricted item:

Amazon classified those items as unauthorized items. A seller is unable to sell those items from his account. If you find yourself selling a prohibited item, then your account will be suspended. You need to be careful about listing the product. Before listing the product Read the list of the banned item carefully.

Fake review:

When you pay anyone for a good review otherwise your account will be suspended. A false review is not a good idea to raise sales rather it may cause your account to be suspended. Amazon doesn’t want fake reviews, it just wants the customer to have a true and honest review.


unlock amazon seller account


Violation of policy:

Amazon is known among its buyers for its loyalty if you violate any of Amazon’s policies, you won’t tolerate this you have to be very careful about Amazon’s policy.

Poor performance:

If you have not performed well in these metrics your account will be suspended, Amazon measures the results by certain metrics such as order defect rate, late delivery rate, etc. And these are some of the main reasons you need to be very careful when managing sales for your suspension.

In case if you are suspended you don’t have to worry about Amazon offering you the opportunity to reinstate your account you need to follow these few steps to Unlock Amazon Account.

Step 1: Read Amazon’s suspension letter carefully, and know why it was suspended.

Stage 2: Accept mistakes. Don’t blame anyone for your suspension and never blame Amazon’s rigid policy that always benefits customers.

Step 3: Amazon will respond that in two or three days you’ll get a response. When you accept your letter of appeal then start selling your product again. But if it is not granted then you need to write in your appeal letter to do the improvement.

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It is possible to recover a unlock Amazon account. For this, you must make a very detailed request to the managers of the platform. Above all, don’t settle for a simple letter of a few lines. Make a very comprehensive document that can optimally explain the situation you are in.

It is also important to mention in this request that you have made mistakes. Even if it really isn’t. Indeed, Amazon is a very demanding site that can accuse you of a rookie mistake. So keep a low profile and assume.

It is important to know that the appeal process can be very complex. In addition, all requests are handled differently depending on the situation and context.

It is also advisable to avoid sending emails every day for Amazon account recovery. Indeed, when you send more than 3 to 4 messages, your case no longer ranks among the priorities of the platform.


Reaching the Conclusion:

You’ve all been through the purpose of locking the Amazon account from the above details and the method you can unlock Amazon account from. Wishing you never face suspension, but you can sadly contact us on our toll-free number +1(281)-258-1027. if you have suffered. We have a team of Amazon law experts who will very quickly reinstate your account.


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