Become an Amazon Individual Seller -Step by Step Guide

If you’re new and curious, can I sell it as an individual Amazon seller? That’s the answer, yes!

All that Amazon charges is the $0.99 closing fee, even when a product is being sold. The cost is not even “paid” to say because it is deducted directly from your payout.

Then, you will decide which customers accept and strategize your eventual business accordingly.


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Why Should You Become an Amazon Individual Seller?

You’re new to the company and want to see if your product is approved on the market? Amazon Individual Seller Plans enables you to experiment with small quantities and nominal pricing flexibly, giving you the confidence you need to have a full-blown company.

You have been in business for a long time but it’s a big change for you to get online. You’re not quite sure how all of this works but you want to explore the power of online sales? Amazon’s individual selling program is perfect for you to explore beyond your curiosity and at near-no-cost.

No need for any upfront payment. Just a nominal $0.99 charge when a customer purchases your product.

Although there is also a qualified seller account for companies, it is better to start with the individual seller plan so that you can achieve your goals and not get pressurized for every penny you spend.

Amazon Individual Selling Plan

Amazon Individual Selling Plan Amazon makes it easy to launch your goods online because you can take the first step of selling as an individual on Amazon to get started.

This individual sales package allows you to access the full collection of listing and order management resources by logging in to Seller Central.

Individual sellers can build listings one at a time rather than bulk listing, which is ideal for those selling a variety of products that are spread over time.

Individual sellers do not have to pay any fees before a product is sold and it’s just a nominal sum that is a lot to get going on a global marketplace. Under the Individual Sales Program, the delivery rates for orders and delivery service levels to be given to customers are determined by Amazon itself.

A referral charge on all goods applies to the individual Amazon sales package, on which further information can be provided below.


How can I get started as an Amazon Individual Seller?

If you’ve decided to get started on the goods, you’d need to build an individual Amazon seller account. After you have registered as an Amazon you can set up your account details.

When you are an individual Amazon seller where you will need to enter all of your information for efficient onboarding to the platform. You’d need to provide the following information to complete your Amazon account setup:


How can I get started as an Amazon Individual Seller


Your Business Name – It is the name that would be available to consumers in the marketplace.

Legal Name and Address – If you have an Amazon account, its detail will be for comparison with them. Use the same name and address as registered, whether you are registered as a business identity.

Contact Details for Amazon and Customers – On this information, all alerts, payment details, reviews, emails, etc. will be sent. Through this information listed here, customers will be able to contact you directly. And, if appropriate, you have the versatility to provide different information for Amazon and customers.

Your “Ship From” address – It could be different from your business address, sometimes.
Ideally, this helps consumers make their buying choices, even though it does not affect the delivery time or buyers ‘prices.

Bank Account Information – For all payments to be made directly to it after transactions from the customers, the business account details need to be listed. It is paid directly into your bank account every 14 days.

Additionally, you will have to include your tax details and fill out the W-9 or W-8 for the same. As a sole proprietor, however, if you have registered as a business then the Employer Identification number would be required in your social security number.

Shipping Choices – You’d need to select your distribution area, whether local, regional, or foreign. You would also need to highlight the areas where expedited shipping can or wishes to be given.

It is perfect for companies who know where much of their momentum comes from, to best leverage consumers ‘purchasing behavior patterns for improved revenue through better quality, with a network of qualified service providers, it’s easy for everyone to start selling on Amazon.

In this seller plan, there is no listing charge so that you can upload and alter as many times as possible. Under the Amazon individual seller program, you can list all big, fast-moving products from up to 20 categories, thereby giving any company a chance to experience Amazon as a marketplace.

Customers can display items directly on your store once they are listed and live and you can check all orders received by tracking the Dashboard for order management.

All orders can be viewed and stored at the Seller Central Dashboard, where you can sign in after setting up your account.


Manage your Amazon Seller Account with ProServiceAppeal


Here are few things to keep in mind while listing your products, in a bid to do business well no matter at what stage:

Pricing Give it a competition. A large number of sellers of the same commodity should be around to make it easy for the customer to understand where to go first. Map out the pricing in a fair way, and demonstrate “all” costs like delivery.

AvailabilityThough you’d start with smaller amounts, make sure they’re still usable. Inventory numbers on the Seller Central site are periodically updated to reflect stock availability.

Completion If free shipping can be given then go ahead and do so. That would give you an advantage even as free shipping for Amazon itself is a huge brand boost. If not, retain different speed shipping options depending on the size.

Customer service Customer suggestions, ratings, responses to their questions are all part of the experience of customer service. You will need to keep this at all times possible a five-star opportunity because that will build your brand and differentiate you from the rest of the sellers.

The Seller Central performance segment will help you retain that and keep a watch on how you can through it over time.

Individual seller product shipment & distribution

Shipping and delivery to consumers are trouble-free as Amazon fulfills the orders from goods picked up from your office/storage facility and delivers them directly to the customer.

You do have an option where all orders are Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) where your stock is stored at the Amazon fulfillment centers and all heavy lifting is done by Amazon itself.

This is probably the most preferred choice because you can focus solely on building the company and leave Amazon with the logistics. What’s more, under the FBA you are also having a customer support facility from Amazon, with Amazon supplying the customers with a direct customer support touch.

Where do I satisfy and handle the orders by FBA until the payment is made by the customer?

Seller Central’s order management system helps you to keep track of all the orders issued on a real-time basis.

When delivered by Amazon, you can use it to monitor your inventory, orders, and monitoring for the expected delivery date.


Features to get started with FBA:

Keep your product list ready and updated – keep inventory count on the Seller Central at all times, and plan to deliver your partial or complete inventory directly to Amazon. It allows you to take advantage of the low shipping prices at Amazon.

Store and control Products through Amazon – Amazon will handle and store the products all over the world through its distribution centers. With the things kept with them, you will have to pay a storage charge but you still own the inventory.

Pay-as-you-go When using FBA facilities, there is no extra fee or minimum unit count that you must have. And you pay only for the number and weight of units that you actually store and send to clients.


Features to get started with FBA


Picked, packaged, and delivered – Amazon will bundle and send the order directly to the customer once the order comes in.

Payment Processing – Amazon receives payment from customers and then transfers it to your account within 14 days minus any deductions as applicable to all fees.

Customer Service – Delivery Through Amazon allows you to use Amazon as a direct connection with customer support and you don’t have to think about calling and emailing customers all the time.

What is the Amazon Individual Seller Fees?

The individual Amazon seller fees are the overall referral fee depending on the amount and distance covered, which varies depending on the product category specified and the closing fee which is also variable depending on the price band and shipping cost.

Add to this the Amazon FBA charge and the relevant tax rate to arrive at the total seller charge.

Here’s a simple way to explain the differences applicable charge when registered as an individual seller with Amazon:


Example: If you are selling an ebook with MRP of $20, a referral fee of 15% is chargeable as per the fee slab Referral fee = $20 @15% = $3 A closing fee of minimum $1.8 is applicable as per the price band With a weight of 300gms and the ebook being shipped across the region and not just in your city, the shipping fee is calculated.

The $0.99 item fee is applicable for every product sold, A total of all the fees above for referral + closing + shipping/FBA + item fee,

In case you are using the FBA services which is highly recommended for the convenience it offers at a minimal cost, this fee would also get added to the deductions.

Amazon FBA price is dependent on a product type and size depending on the categories sold under, You can use the FBA calculator to get the exact FBA rate.

You can also use the label facilities and long-term storage fees under this FBA facility. Despite all the deductions, the profits as an individual seller are reached with an extra tax rate.


Follow this Tips To Become a Successful Amazon individual seller:

  • List the goods that are going quickly first when checking the waters. helps you to grasp the nuances of the goods in a way that is ideally designed for you to get your company online.
    • Having insights into what sells, where, and how it needs to be placed is a part of the company that Pro Service Appeal.
  • Check every day for your orders. Have a dashboard for the portfolio in order to keep an eye on product flow, storage needs, and analytics on what makes the consumer purchase. All this is a click away from your Seller Central dashboard at
  • Let’s find your clients. Stay on top of the game by getting more exposure.
    • Amazon’s a steaming store of sellers. You need to stand out because Amazon takes care of all the activities, you need to concentrate on getting the exposure. ProServiceAppeal makes the Amazon PPC ad campaigns without excessive wastage of ad spending.
  • Respond promptly to customers, and create a rating of five stars. Stay vigilant with real-time monitoring of reviews from ProServiceAppeal that comes in for your goods.
    • Get informed and advised of what your rivals are doing, and have competitor sellers and their listings inform you of repricing or change.


Sell As Individual With Confidence :

“Begin by always expecting good things to happen.”
–Tom Hopkins

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