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Inauthentic and Counterfeit Complaints [How to Deal in 2022?]

It is a serious offense to sell counterfeit or fake goods. When you are not a distributor and are purchasing goods from approved vendors, be careful when choosing the goods. The seller should never compromise on the vendor selection process and should very carefully check the vendor, the goods, and the relevant documents.

When you have faith in your goods, none of you will file any cases against you. If you are found guilty then your account with the Amazon seller is suspended for counterfeit.


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Many sellers get confused or frustrated with the word inauthentic and counterfeit whenever there is a complaint against them. Unauthentic goods may not be counterfeit products, in compliance with Amazon’s seller policies.

Inauthentic products are not necessarily fake products as per the policies but are part of a grey market. When your item is flagged as potentially inauthentic, it means you bought the product from an unauthorized source.

This time in some recent cases, for the first time, Amazon, itself, has gone after counterfeit-sellers in court, using its own platform. Amazon claims that it has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to deal with counterfeit sellers, and will continue to take strong action against them. This legal response will seem to proceed in any circumstances.

The inauthentic product is one that has not been bought from a reputable dealer, whereas counterfeit products are the fake ones. TO Deal with Inauthentic and Fake (Counterfeit ) Complaints you need to be very aware of.


 What Sellers Can Do If Your Amazon Seller Account Suspended Counterfeit



Sellers may or may not be aware that the products they sell are fake goods. But because Amazon closely tracks all of its goods and suppliers, they can easily detect the selling of counterfeit items and have all the power to go to court or terminate the account.

However, if the seller is ready, they will face such a scenario – either because of the customer end faults or their competitors ‘plan to slow the seller down. Whatever the case, the seller needs to provide a clear action plan along with evidence of the quality of their goods to reinstate.

Also, in this case, an Amazon lawyer can help the sellers in preparing their plan of action. It is better to approach the lawyers as they are professionally qualified to support the sellers in a counterfeit case or Amazon lawsuit.


  • Sellers must do to avoid counterfeit selling:

If you’re prepared well in advance, then you don’t have to worry. When you really want to secure yourself from counterfeit claims, there are a few steps that you will do.

  • Study the products:

As a seller, it is very clear that you need to be aware of the know-how of the products you sell. You will research the product in such a way that the quality of the product can be decided on your own.

  • Research the Source:

As stated earlier, proper analysis of the vendor image, its working culture, certifications, purpose, dream, and all can be established as far as possible before selecting any vendor.

  • Documentation :

That is the only support you can use if suspended to get back in action. Please hold copies of all the invoices, slips for packaging, order forms, etc. Please make sure that all the relevant details such as a summary of products, sizes, colors, manufacturer, location, distributor contact information, dates, etc. are covered by the documentation you received. When all of these are absent then ask your vendor about it.

  • Provide exact information to the customer about what they will get:

See the prospects from the customer’s point of view when listing the items. They could file a complaint if the product is not what they expect. So to prevent any misunderstanding, the definition, images along with quality, color, quantity, etc. have to be put in actual.


How to Deal with Amazon inauthentic complaint?

In simple words, inauthentic goods are false or duplicate items that are bought from illegal vendors, and counterfeit products. You only have to purchase all of the products from registered suppliers and distributors, not from any other outlets, even if they claim to be the real brand name product.

If any buyer asks about the goods and raises any concerns, you’ll have to face Amazon’s suspension. Then you need to give seller service team proof of purchase to show that all of the items have been bought from an approved distributor. Amazon rarely allows receipts that are small enough to get the product available.


The Most Likely Causes For Getting Amazon Inauthentic Complaint Could Be As Follows:



1-Confusion between the terminologies:

Customers in many cases file a complaint because they don’t have a proper idea of the difference between the two terms. So that will create a tough problem for you, even though there is no fault in you. Either or not the goods are legitimate, buyers will make the comments regardless. And in this situation, Amazon will delete your account. If you can’t understand that your buyers have protested about your products so you will have to report your payment information in your action plan to reinstate your account.


2-Improper packaging:

Your goods may be genuine but the packaging may not be as per the standards of Amazon’s buyer. Customers classified the products as inauthentic goods in certain situations as they saw inconsistencies between the commodity shown on Amazon and the one that they purchased.

They will file the complaint in this case, as not as advertised. Yet usually they label it as inauthentic, and then it is your duty to change the labeling and prove the product’s authenticity.


3-Product Description:

Due to confusion or inconsistency between the product definition of your products and the same of any other brands, an inauthentic product lawsuit can be filed. It makes the buyers believe you may be selling duplicate or bogus goods.

Then again it is your responsibility to make creative adjustments to your product details to prevent confusion between your products and the products of other brands. In any case, you need to produce proof of your authenticity when there is a problem.



Suspending accounts has become very popular because of the selling of counterfeit products. When selling the product the seller should be very cautious. Check descriptions of the product very carefully. Purchased your product from an authorized seller. If in case your Amazon seller account suspended counterfeit.


You will activate your account by typing a suitable letter of appeal and action plan. Our team is well-qualified and experienced in preparing for the reinstatement. You can talk to us by dialing out our toll-free phone. We would be pleased to assist you.

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