How to Increase Sales on Amazon in 2024?

Amazon is one of the most growing online e-commerce business. However, the seller’s number is increasing day by day or obviously the competition-between them. Do you think so, is it challenging to increase-product sales in this competitive business? Yes, you are right! It is difficult, but not impossible.

You require a strategy to boost your sales. If you are a beginner businessman and you have just started a new business on or If you want to know how to increase sales on Amazon? In this article, I will tell you some tips (steps) to increase sales on Follow these steps and get boost your sales.


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These are the following step by which you can increase your sale on Amazon:


increase sales on Amazon

Price Competitively:

Price is an extremely important key factor in Amazon-sales. For the Customer! The price of an item also matters. Though, the competition is maximum and trying to gain more profit-causes a break in sell. Only you require to fix a price with a low-margin that should not exceed than other sellers.

Optimize Your Title:

The title plays an important role in boosting-product sales. The customer focuses its attention on the “title”. If the title is attractive, It holds the attention of customers.

Use a good quality Image:

It is said that the first impression is the last impression or picture speaks-thousands of words itself. First of all, a customer interacts with your product images before going through product-descriptions. Uploading an extremely impressive picture of the product is the best way to hold the attention of the customer. It helps in increasing sales.

You require to follow some steps for uploading attractive pictures.

(i).Take a picture in natural light avoid the camera flash and set white balance too.
(ii).Don’t use flash and set your white balance to auto.
(iii).Don’t let your camera shake use a tripod.
(iv).Take a picture from a different angle

Feedback and Reviews:

Customer Feedback or review is an extremely important part of holding the attention of the customer. The positive feedbacks of customers push other “Customers” to buy products. We know that only 10% – 15 % of the customer gives feedback or review on a product. So you need to ask the Customer for dropping feedback. This will boost your sales.

Market outside:

Outside marketing is allowed by You can drag the customer from outside to the You can use social media (read about how to increase sales using TikTok) as much as possible to increase your sales. Blogging and article on another website is also the best medium to hold the attention of the customer.

Rules and Regulations:

Rules and regulations are essential parts of Amazon. All your effort and progress will be zero If you violate any policies or terms of Amazon. So you need to consider very well the rules and regulations of Amazon. If you are following rule and regulation that means you are in the right ways of increasing sales on Amazon.

You should know Amazon is extremely uncompromising about its policy. So you need to read and follow it’s a policy extremely carefully. Otherwise, it will not compromise anyway.


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