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How to get back on Amazon after being banned in 2020?

Thousands of sellers register on Amazon every day, but most of the sellers are unaware of its policies set for their seller team. Many sellers don’t care about the policies of selling or try to misuse the privileges. That leads to a ban on seller accounts.

To get your seller account unbanned, the reinstatement specialists need to take the support. Professional and highly trained service providers will help you get out of this.

The last chance to get unban From Amazon could be to reinstall the ban account. So your Amazon account is banned on how to get back on amazon? Here we’d tell you how to get your Amazon account back.

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To Be A Successful Seller You Need To Take Care Of These Issues Very Carefully.

First, get familiar with all of Amazon’s practices, laws, and regulations. Sellers are given multiple guidelines. Attempt to get them across properly. If you have any trouble knowing the policies that you are taking the support of the qualified Amazon service providers.

Amazon also frequently used to test the policies. Therefore, you will constantly keep track of the instructions. When the know-how is clear you will conduct your company accordingly and prevent unwanted losses.

Amazon is very difficult to create and maintain a secure and trustworthy network with respect to its rules and regulations.

Amazon follows its policies very strictly to ensure consumers feel free to shop online and do not hesitate to buy on an e-commerce site with the fear of being cheated by dishonest sellers. If someone wants to do something that’s out of their rules, then they instantly terminate the seller.

The Most Common Reasons For The Ban On Amazon Could Be:

  1. Violating the policies
  2. Selling restricted products
  3. Getting too many returns
  4. Negative feedback from the customers



If your account is suspended due to payment-related problems, you will clear the problem and get back to selling it again.

To satisfy the customer, Amazon needs to pay a fee to the customer due to late shipping or product return, and in this process, they subtract the amount from your account.

If any issue occurs during this process, then Amazon will block your account. Releasing the money will ensure your account is reinstated.

In the case that your account is terminated due to a breach of Amazon’s rules, then the sellers will consider the situation difficult. You will apply for re-establishment saying it happened by mistake, and it will not happen again.

Along with an excellent action plan and letter of appeal the seller must have all the appropriate and relevant information. You have to be very precise and to the point. If you can convince Amazon, then you can just reinstate your account.

When a seller account is suspended Amazon must submit an email along with the reinstatement instructions. Sellers should follow the rules and try to get their accounts restored.


What If The Appeal Gets Rejects For One Time:

When your account’s appeal is denied, you’ll have another chance to modify yourself. Along with an excellent action plan and letter of appeal the seller must have all the appropriate and relevant information.

You’ve got to be very clear, to the point, to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Amazon will not reinstate the seller account if it doesn’t convince.

But even after many appeals, if you can not reinstate your account, then your account will be suspended. You will get the last email from Amazon saying you shouldn’t contact them again and Amazon won’t read an email from you afterward.

What if an appeal is rejected many times:

  1. Yet even if you can’t persuade Amazon after appealing, then your account will be disqualified. You won’t be allowed to return to Amazon after it’s banned. In such a scenario, you’ll get an Amazon email saying you will not contact them again.
  2. Amazon will not read an email from you if the account is blocked.
  3. Sellers will be following the guidelines and procedures set by Amazon to prevent such a scenario.
  4. Also, many sellers used to make some common mistakes, such as opening new accounts, opening up accounts with friends and family believing that suspension could be avoided. Yet, it does actually make things worse.


If you banned from Amazon, how to get back on Amazon for getting back you need to follow some guidelines of Amazon.

  1. You must close the product listings immediately, with the complaint relating to them.
  2. Using the metrics page to find other items that might be troublesome, and use the Product Performance tool to close the listings with lesser results. This would avoid any future complaints which are incompatible/inauthentic.
  3. Track the product results list periodically to recognize the problems and respond accordingly without wasting any time and before giving rise to complaints.
  4. You will close all these listings, which are identical to the listings below.
  5. You will also check the current inventory and make sure that all of Amazon’s product lists are genuine, compliant, and exactly as defined by them. Before adding it to the inventory, make sure that the quality of each individual product is tested and sold to ensure customers get good products.
  6. Do not mention items that are made by the original copyright holders or producers to avoid complaints about authenticity.
  7. Consider product reports and product photos correct to consider them consistent with the actual products.
  8. Review comments regularly to recognize potential issues and act on them on time.
  9. Pay attention to better packaging of the goods to improve positive reviews.
  10. Do extensive research on the reputation and quality of vendors before choosing any vendor.
  11. Do not mention items made by the original copyright holders or producers to avoid lawsuits about authenticity.
  12. Immediately close the product listings for any query relevant to it.
  13. Using your metrics page to find other items that may present problems.

Final Words:

Being a seller, actually working out the organization, it is completely the benefit. Your focus must also be on winning the confidence of your customers. If you conduct your company in line with Amazon, you’ll get enough incentives and lose the market if you make any mistake. Best you understand all of Amazon’s policies before you make any move.

Several sellers enter Amazon daily because of tremendous growth. The sellers allow Amazon to build their personal seller accounts by using their online platform to sell their items. Many of them are unaware of Amazon’s usual practices, laws, and regulations, and get suspended. Seller accounts also get a ban on Amazon which is the worst of all.

It’s your business and it will really become an incredible asset for the organization. Earning your clients ‘confidence will strengthen your ability and open the door to many opportunities for your business to expand. Amazon is a big company and you can see that there’s no reason to lose that business.


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