Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter

Nothing is more stressful than one of your primary, or only, channels of sales that suspend your account. Recent updates to the Amazon Suspension Appeal process, however, mean that you can easily avoid Amazon Suspension first and reinstate your account quickly should it happen to you. Let’s know more.

Why Amazon suspends seller accounts

You could be happy to hear that suspensions from Amazon sellers aren’t uncommon. Amazon is a powerhouse of eCommerce, with a good reputation for maintaining it. Amazon is therefore very specific about seller performance, and very reactive to any breaches.

Sellers strictly have to stick to many performance metrics that include order defects, late shipments, and cancellations. Sellers must also refrain from selling items that are restricted or counterfeit goods. These policies allow Amazon to consistently offer excellent support to clients using the platform.


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How to Write Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter:

If you violate one of Amazon’s policies then Amazon will warn you that there is a chance of suspension of your account. If your performance does not improve then your account can be suspended manually or automatically.

Appealing for a suspension has previously been a long process that could take weeks to resolve. Amazon recently launched a new method, which makes it much simpler to build and submit an Amazon suspension appeal.


1. Take responsibility

Although being suspended and being tempted to hop online to complain is frustrating, receiving a suspension is indicative that you have done something wrong somewhere.

Amazon will clarify in depth the reasons for the suspension and the breached policy. Take the time to read this guide, and find exactly where you failed to fulfill the standards of Amazon. The earlier you come across fault and admit it, the earlier you can start your appeal process.


2. Identify the Issue

Next, understanding why you’ve fallen foul of Amazon’s policies is critical. This includes a review of your own policies and procedures to identify the root cause of the issue.

For example, if in the past 30-days four of your deliveries were late, why did this happen? Does the program for order management lag behind? Has your warehouse been under-functioning? If your carriers are underperforming? Narrow down as far as possible the different explanations for this.


3. Create an Action Plan

When you identify the issues, it’s time to address them. An action plan is required to help both Amazon and you understand how to solve the problem. A sound plan of action should include the following details:

  • The violated policy and metric;
  • What causes the breach;
  • How you solve the problems, and
  • How you’ll prevent a future breach.


4. Submit the Appeal

You can complete and submit Amazon’s reactivation questionnaire once you are confident you can resolve the issue and remain compliant for the future.

  1. Complete the seller account form by verifying you:
  2. Understand what policies are acceptable
  3. Have recognized the issue and taken steps to prevent it from happening again
  4. Commit to following acceptable policies
  5. Understand that this could lead to permanent suspension if you break any policies again.


5. Learn from experience

It is important that you learn from the experience and implement the action plan to the letter after the account has been reinstated, to prevent it from happening again.

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