amazon seller account deactivated
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Why My Amazon Seller Account Deactivated?

It is a very kindly and stressful experience for Amazon seller, whose account gets deactivated.

Amazon seller account-deactivated reason a negative impact on the seller. If you are suffering from deactivation.

You don’t need to worry, we will help you to activate your Amazon account again. First of all, you have to consider that Amazon provides an opportunity for the seller whose account gets deactivated.

Only you have to follow some steps (tips) to get back your account activated.


Firstly, be clear about the cause behind deactivation?


amazon seller account deactivated

1- Handling more than one account:

Amazon mention in its policy that you can’t operate more than one Amazon account. If you will not follow this policy (Terms), your account will be deactivated.

If you want to operate more than one Amazon account. You can apply for exception-permission to this policy.

If did not apply then your account will be deactivated.


2- If you are selling a banned item:

Amazon has listed some items illegal to sell. It doesn’t allow that item to be sold on his platform.

If you are found selling-prohibited items, your account deactivated.

You have to be careful because the Amazon policy does not remain the same always. It gets changing sometimes.

Maybe you have sold an item yesterday and it’s listed as ban item-today.

So always keep eye on Amazon policy to protect yourself from account-suspension.


3- Copyright Infringement:

Each Amazon seller uses its own product brand, logo, or images while listing the product on Amazon, but It becomes the matter of copyright infringement.

If someone claims ownership of the same item.

It becomes challenging to resolve this problem, so Amazon seller account-suspended for resolving the dispute.

4- Seller policy violation:

Amazon is extremely strict about his rules and policy. cares for his customer-service and does not want to ditch the customer.

If the seller violates its policy then it consequences in the Amazon seller-account deactivated. So read carefully guidelines of Amazon to protect deactivation.


5- Suspension if not performing well:

Amazon has some-indication that shows your performance. Amazon calculates how you are performing in these three ways.

Order defect rate (ODR):

The order defect rate should not more than 1 %.

• Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate:

It should be more than 2.5%if it will decrease the chances of deactivating account increase.

Late shipment rate:

Late shipment should be more than 4% to avoid suspension.

If you will not perform well, In these criteria, Amazon deactivates your account. So avoiding the deactivation you have to perform very well.


How to activate the account again?

You don’t need to panic If your accounts-get deactivated. I am going to tell you, What are the step (Tips) to follow by which you can remove Amazon seller-account deactivation. Here you require to know Amazon provides-opportunity to remove deactivation of the seller-account. Let me tell you the simple step of writing an appeal letter.

Understand the Suspension Letter:

Firstly you need to understand, why your account deactivated by Then you require to read the suspension-letter carefully sent by Amazon.

Prepare a plan of action:

After going through the suspension-letter, you will come to know why your account is suspended?

You require to design a plan to describe the improvement in your appeal-letter that mistake will not occur again in the future.

Describe your contribution to growth in the Amazon-business.

If you are still confused then read some other cases of “suspension” and follow that to reinstate. But your appeal-letter should be unique.



Amazon seller-account deactivation is a common problem. Many of the sellers-suffer daily. Being an Amazon-seller you need to extremely careful to avoid “suspension”. Before starting the Amazon selling-business. Read all the policies (terms and conditions) very carefully.

Written by ProServiceAppeal