How to Create an Amazon Appeal Plan of Action?

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Amazon Appeal Plan of Action


You are opening your e-mail and BAM! You see a notice, it is a notice of suspension from Amazon. What are you doing now that your privileges to the Amazon seller account have been suspended?

Root Cause:

Review the reason Amazon has provided you with the suspension, look at your business, and come up with “root causes” of the issue. There needs to be something you can do better that could have prevented the problem. We have heard from insiders at Amazon and they want you to take responsibility for the problem in their “Leadership Principles.”


An Amazon action plan should pay careful attention to any ASINs with alerts and you should take responsibility for this and state that you are committed to delivering first-class customer service.

You should identify why buyers complained about this and offer solutions as to why it will not happen again. Check out this very informative blog for more information on what to do if you become suspended.


What is an Amazon Appeal Plan of Action?

A plan of action should answer the following three questions:

  • What was the root cause that led to the issue?
  • Which actions will you take to resolve the issue?
  • What steps will you take to prevent future issues?


What is an Amazon Appeal Plan of Action


You can use the following guidelines to create your plan of action:

Be clear and concise. Your plan of action should be factual and direct. Focus on the facts and events that led to the problem, rather than presenting the idea, company, or client. Delete from your submission any questions or references to on-going support cases. Ignore emotional language.

Provide an explanation for every problem. Some deactivations may result from a mix of issues (for example, a High Order Defect Rate may result from negative feedback and unsupplied orders). In your action plan, you need to provide a response for every root cause.

Include evidence supporting all items. Make sure that you submit supporting evidence for all of the products or ASINs that are under review. The Product List can be found at the bottom of your initial email. Make sure you check the timeline for the documents requested-some of them include invoices from the last 365 days.

In your supporting documents highlight the areas. You can make your response more appropriate by circumventing or highlighting the most important area within your documents, such as ASINs, Supplier information (for example, name and supplier website) or clauses within your Terms and Conditions.

Amazon Appeal Plan of Action Dos and Don’ts

  1. Do not send an immediate reply by clicking on the button “Appeal”

  2. Don’t waste your time giving Amazon Method Analysis.

  3. Keep it simple, and give facts to them.

  4. Don’t use numbers or bullets and not pages.

  5. Do include a brief paragraph on the introductory.

  6. Don’t blame those buyers.

  7. Do not contain any outside information or remarks.

  8. Do write a detailed study.

  9. Make sure the POA has all of the factors clearly discussed that contributed to the suspension.

  10. Don’t get carried away and write your longest letter ever.


A Change in Policy?

Amazon seems to have changed the process of his suspension. They are now asking for a Plan of Action from certain sellers before they are potentially suspended. Previously, this was something that Amazon demanded from sellers after they were suspended as part of their appeal process. Now some Amazon sellers are being asked to apply a Pre Plan of Action (PoA) to prevent a suspension of their account.


Important: If you receive any emails, don’t miss them!

Amazon will send sellers a detailed account of their failures, as well as a list of previous warnings they did not address. No deadline for sellers to apply their Pre Action Plan is set.

Drafting of an Amazon action plan of appeal

Keep your Action Plan concise, and outlined. Draft it so that the reader can quickly and easily grasp the ROOT cause of the problem, the IMMEDIATE solution you give, and how you can avoid the same situation from happening again, no matter where they are placed.

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