Protect Amazon Account Suspension
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How to Protect Your Amazon Account from Getting Suspended

You might think that it is difficult to suspend a well-defined company that is capable of making profits. But when you’re on Amazon, that’s not real. Most sellers are unaware of business policies and how important they are to sellers to obey.

No matter how big or small you are, breaking Amazon’s policies will surely lead to your selling privileges being suspended. You can protect amazon account against suspension by taking some preventive measures.

Most important of all is to understand the selling policies on Amazon. You will find many guidelines for Amazon’s sellers. Study it to understand clearly. Approaching the professional Amazon service providers is a very good idea.

That is because Amazon changes its policies very often and it may become difficult for you to keep a track of the same. Keeping in touch with a service provider will keep you updated with all such developments and you can plan your actions accordingly.

Other than that, you can track and manage your business’s performance periodically to prevent it from being suspended.


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Reasons why Amazon may decide to suspend your Account

Protect Amazon Account Suspension



Below are a few tips to Protect Your Amazon Account from Getting Suspended

help you do so:


  • Don’t deal with counterfeit products.
  • After extensive research into vendor reputation and authenticity pick your vendors.
  • Avoid listing the items that the original copyright holders or manufacturers failed to make.
  • Keep checking the metrics page to figure out if there are any items that may be problematic.
  • To stop future incompatible concerns, delete the listing of products that do not work well using the Product Performance Tool.
  • Regularly review the product listing list to decide whether there is a problem and respond accordingly to fix it on time before it leads to a complaint.
  • You should delete all those listings that don’t work well.
  • Ensure the description of the product is similar to the original goods. Product description plays a very important role on the e-commerce website. Creates accurate product details and photographs consistent with real products.
  • Do not ignore any feedback or reviews about your product. Review them periodically to respond or act on time as appropriate.
  • Evaluate the actual inventory on a regular basis to ensure that all Amazon listed items are genuine, compliant, and exactly as defined. Before adding it to your inventory, make sure to test the quality of each product, so that your customer receives the right products.
  • Continue to focus on the product packaging too, to constantly develop it.
  • Do not open a second account without Amazon’s prior authorization.


Your business success depends heavily on how sincerely you are doing it. It’s completely your benefit to be transparent on every question. Involve your company with all of its operations, monitoring the events around you, and closing the problems on time if there is any delay with responding makes the situation complicated.

Last Thoughts

ProServiceAppeal knows how tough it can be to be an Amazon merchant: as a business owner, you have so much to think about that only keeping track of it will make you better.

ProServiceAppeal helps many sellers save time by managing their prices, then they can focus more time on other tasks, and avoid suspending their account.

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