Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon?

None of the sellers want to have negative feedback on their Amazon seller account. This kind of comments not only hurt their reputation but also stop new buyers to get connected with them.

So, Amazon sellers need to know how to remove negative feedback from amazon.

Fortunately, you have an opportunity to eliminate negative feedback on amazon and some neutral as well as less favorable feedback from your account.

However, before jumping to methods of deleting these comments, It is extremely necessary to know what kind of comments are included in negative feedback on the Amazon account.


(Although different kinds of e-commerce platforms have different norms almost their feedback rules are the same, so have a look over it.)

(i). Feedback containing obscene language.
(ii). Feedback comprising of personal information like full name, email id, contact number, etc. can be removed easily from the site.
(iii). If this feedback is partial product feedback and rest includes detail of the seller who has delivered the services. In this case, feedback cannot be removed.
(iv). Information shared about the fulfillment of an order or adverse experience the customer support can not be removed from the feedback section, although the seller can edit it. So that one can surpass it without going into detail.


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How To Remove Negative Feedback From Amazon:

E-commerce websites automatically delete the first two kinds of feedback.

So relax and file a complaint to delete it, once the seller complains, these comments automatically get eliminated from the site.

Therefore, a seller requires to be active and well aware due to all sorts of feedback information are shared over the website.

So no need to take the stress of negative-comments. Every e-Commerce platform is fair and unbiased.

Although this is not true there are a number of sellers on e-commerce platforms who believe that the website automatically deletes negative feedback. Therefore they never make any step in this direction.


Now I would like to tell me what are the few things you need to do for removing negative feedback.

• Do Apologize: There is nothing wrong with Making apology from buyers for your mistake. Know the problem of buyers and convince him keenly to delete negative feedback.
• Respond to feedback: Response to the feedback as soon as and reply should be in short and it should not be very lengthy.

Now I would like to tell you what are the few things you need to avoid:

• Don’t offer refund: Do not offer a refund for the negative feedback on It is against the rule of Amazon.
• Don’t haste be calm: Do not ask for immediate delete of the feedback start your message by apologizing and suggesting buyers resolve the issue.



The positive feedback plays an important role in making a buyer’s trust. By reading the feedback buyers determine whose seller is more trustworthy buyers? If you have negative feedback on amazon.

Check out the feedback properly, if there is any violation in feedback-policy of amazon.

if found violation sends a request to Amazon to delete feedback.

Amazon eliminates the feedback of buyers who violates the guidelines of

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