Reactivate amazon seller account are costly in both immediate and long-term effects. Correctly handling your Amazon appeal the first time is the best way to reactivate your Amazon seller account quickly and avoid losses in profits and reputation.

When Amazon deactivates your account or your Amazon account is suspended, they freeze the account from making future sales, hold your money for up to 90 days, and charge you 50 cents per unit to return your inventory.

Submitting an ineffective or poorly drafted appeal can make matters worse, as Amazon will often only review your first appeal or put subsequent appeals at the bottom of their appeals queue.

We all know the Amazon is the world’s largest online store. A big effort is needed to build customer trust, and even more to sustain that trust.

The same is true for Amazon. Unless they do something against the rules of Amazon, it would be strict with its vendors to protect their consumer confidence. Violating Amazon’s rules results in the seller’s account being closed.

Yet at the same time, Amazon provides the seller with opportunities to come back again and reactivate after suspension of the amazon seller account.

Whatever the reason for termination, reactivate the amazon seller account you need to carefully go through the entire process to apply for reinstatement.


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Reason For Suspension:

Amazon Account Suspended for Late Shipment

  • In every business, time plays a critical role. Not only can you lose your loyal customer, but also damage your image in the market – image – which is a very important factor in attracting traffic to your shop.
  • Therefore, time-compromising will incur a huge fall in your company. And online delivery is another important element in online stores. On-time delivery is a must for all online shop sellers. That’s why Amazon is so strict on late shipping.
  • If you’re selling on Amazon, you have to be very careful about shipping and be very patient. The usage of shipping tools to reach shipping deadlines is advisable. Being an Amazon seller, you should never ship late, otherwise, you may be suspended from your seller account.

reactivate amazon seller account

Amazon Account Suspended because of Too Many Returns


Amazon is the largest online store in the world, providing its customers with plenty of facilities to make it a more convenient, safe, and trouble-free shopping place, where customers can shop with ease from anywhere.

That’s why shopping has become a joy for customers. The Return Policy is one of Amazon’s programs. As per this policy in general, you can return the purchased goods within 30 days, from the date of delivery.

If the item is defective, damaged, or the incorrect product then it will be returned for a full refund free of charge, provided Amazon directly sells and/or fulfills the items.

If not then the customer has to pay for the return shipment. There are also specific requirements for various product categories which are clearly specified in the Amazon Return Policy.

However, the return policy is designed for consumer benefits, it is found that many consumers most often use this policy to hamper the company’s reputation.

The most prior goal is to preserve the Amazon brand. And in closely tracking and taking appropriate action it must be strict. It may be just as stringent as prohibition. And you need to be very vigilant when returning your Amazon orders.

If you return regularly then you can get banned from the service. Amazon’s ban on customers with too many returns is no new concept.

Amazon has banned consumers from making transactions on their online shopping site for actions such as returning too many items they bought, according to reports reported in The Wall Street Journal.

They also cited two cases in this study where Amazon blocked customer accounts without any warning. One of them is Nir Nissim, who said he was banned due to his inappropriate conduct on return. But after appealing and making multiple calls his account was later reinstated.

In another 2016 article from The Guardian, it is reported that a computer programmer has also been banned due to his return of 37 of the 343 products he has purchased since 2014.

According to Amazon’s statement, in Amazon, it’s unusual for a long time to block a customer for breaching the terms and conditions of their services.

Those are the two most common explanations for the suspension of the amazon seller account. Now let us know how to reactivate the suspension account for these two reasons.


Reactivate Amazon Seller Account


How To Reactivate Amazon Seller Account After Suspension?

Study the suspension letter

The first step to reactivate your account is a detailed review of your letter of suspension. You need to examine the cause and all other relevant points.

If you can’t understand something, contact the experts to understand why and find out where you need to work to reactivate amazon seller account.


Craft out a plan of action

The next step is the critical part which will decide on the reactivation of your account. You will develop a plan to state the changes and adjustments you have made to strengthen your company and perform your business in accordance with Amazon’s sellers ‘standards.

To get an idea of what to do and what not, you should research and take advice from suspension cases of others.

Yet note that the Action Plan must be special according to Amazon’s suspension statement. Guidance from an expert is key in creating an amazing action plan which Amazon can not reject.


How To Reactivate The Amazon Seller Account After Suspension


Prepare appeal letter

Writing an Amazon Appeal letter is very hard. It’s best if you seek support from well-trained experts who can grasp Amazon’s pure form of a letter of appeal. Only you should start writing the letter of appeal for you after analyzing the situation and drafting a complete plan of action for the process.


Apply for reactivation

Now when you’re prepared with an action plan and letter of appeal, you can apply for reactivation to Amazon. You will add your letter of appeal and action plan along with Amazon’s suspension letter and all other relevant documentation such as your order invoice, certificates, etc. when applying.


Follow up

You’ll usually get a reply from Amazon within two days. If you don’t get any response, you might want to contact the Amazon team to follow up on what is going on. You’ll get full team support and suggestion.

When you’re suspended, you as a seller need to concentrate on every single part of your business to put it in the best position possible. Your account will only be allowed when your appeal shows just how serious and committed you are to your business.

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