Suspected Intellectual Property Violations

The suspected intellectual property violations are the infringement of intellectual property rights.

Your idling might consequence in suspension, so whenever you face any complaints. Don’t take it so easy.

Contact the person or company who has a complaint against you.

Due to most of the intellectual property complains are baseless. Complainant files by mistake and confusion.

So your awareness can save you from the suspension.


There Are 3 Main Types Of Intellectual Property Violations You Should Know:

1-Copyright violation: Copyright violation is when a seller copy images and verbiage (content copy) of someone else’s. If the seller is found using someone else’s image or cut and paste their listing-text, It will be recognized as the copyright violation.

2-Trademark violation: The trademark-protects the shape and colour of the product and considered the way of packaging as well. If anyone is found copying these terms & condition it will be considered as a trademark violation.

3-Patent violation: In fact, the patent is a licence issued by the government. The licence indicates that you have manufactured this product firstly due to you have invented it first. nobody can manufacture and sell your product.

In case someone else is found selling the product. It is considered a patent-violation.

These are the above 3 categories which are a section of the intellectual-property violation. If a seller violates any of the above intellectual property he might face an intellectual-property violation.


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Suspected intellectual property violations:

The intellectual property violation claim files by the right owner of the product.

If he finds that the copy of his product is being sold at a cheaper price then he can file complain to Amazon.

Then it would danger your suspension, so many time the complaints are baseless.

In this state, you require to contact the person who has complained against you.


Why Intellectual Property Complaints Have Been Increasing Day By Day?

The reasons behind the increase in intellectual property-complaints are the following:

  • Amazon doesn’t monitor IP-violation itself. It has given the real sellers to file complaints against another seller.
  • Amazon looks the matter, If the complaint is found real then amazon can eliminate your selling privileges or may suspend your seller account.


What will you do if someone filed an IP complaint on your Amazon account?

There are some conditions of IP complaint on your account you need to react according to the condition. Let me tell you one by one:

Condition (i):

Sometime complainant files a complaint against a seller. If the product is alike to the genuine product but that similarity does not enough to prove intellectual property violation.

In this case, you require to take help from an attorney to demonstrate to the company that your product is a unique, genuine and not infringing anyone IP right. This will help you to activate your selling-privilege.

Condition (ii):

The well-known companies and reputed brand file a complaint against the seller.

If the seller sells at a fewer price for the same product.

In this case, you need to contact or provide the invoice that you have purchased this product from the authorized person and selling in real rate and you are not violating any intellectual property-violation.

This will protect your account from suspension.


Condition (iii):

Unintentionally, complainant files complain by the fault or any confusion.

In this case, you require to draw complainant’s attention toward his mistake.

Tell the complainant that you have purchased the product from the authorized seller or you have the invoice for this product.

The alleging company need all element rule to prove intellectual property-violation makes them realize that you can’t prove all elements rule for claiming.

When the complainant will understand then he will withdraw his claim.


What if the complaint is legitimate?

Then a question arises, what will you do when the complaint! Is real, whether it is done knowingly or unknowingly?

In this condition, you need to eliminate the product from your listing and never upload it again in your listing.

Do not sell that product meanwhile you get an invoice from an authorized seller.

If you will not respond the real complaint instantly your Amazon account may get suspended.



Hoping the above article clarifies extremely well, all about the intellectual-property violation or the precaution to make-safe yourself.

You require some strategy to handle intellectual property-violation.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a baseless and genuine claim.

If you will move with planning you may get the achievement but without planning and strategy, you will be unsuccessful.

It is my advice you should take help from any professional they will handle all the situations in an extremely strategic manner.

If you are having a claim of intellectual-property violation and if you want an instant solution then you can call us.

We the ProServiceAppeal have a team of expert Amazon lawyer who has specialization in handling intellectual property violations.

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