To say that Amazon is an e-commerce giant is now an understatement…

According to data from eMarketer, Amazon has close to 50% of the retail market in the United States, which places it at the forefront of online sales. The next three are eBay, Apple, and Walmart.

Also, if you sell on Amazon, you know how valuable product reviews can be. These reviews allow you to learn a little more about what your customers think of you.

Reading reviews can be an important element for improving your products and content, but also for your marketing strategy.


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Who writes reviews on Amazon?

Only 5-10% of all online shoppers write product reviews (according to Power Reviews). The people who write reviews are most of the time:

  • Internet users who like the product
  • Users who hate the product
  • Internet users particularly loyal to the brand

There is another category of people who write reviews: individuals who write false reviews. Indeed, just like fraudulent returns, this represents a huge problem on Amazon.

According to Fakespot, a review analysis company, more than 60% of Amazon’s reviews in the electronics and beauty categories, for example, are false.

Using Amazon Reviews to Grow Your Business

Reviews on Amazon can help you improve your products, determine what content is best for your audience, and even refine your marketing messages.

The most interesting reviews for you are those with two or three stars. Indeed, the 4 and 5-star reviews do not tell you much since they think your product is great.

As Bill Gates said, “Success is a bad teacher. In addition, often false reviews are 5 stars.

A 1-star review won’t tell you much either. It probably wasn’t written by someone who wanted to offer a nuanced account of their experience.

It was written by someone who was disappointed with the product and just wanted to complain.

Observe competitors’ Amazon reviews

Chances are your competitors are selling on Amazon.

This gives you the opportunity to discover the “pain points” of your competitors and thus use this information to improve your product.

Imagine that you want to start selling your new product on Amazon.

You already know that a competing product is present on the platform.

Well, you will be able to read the opinions that Internet users have left for the competitor to do better on your side! You get valuable feedback for the launch of your own product.

If the opinions of competitors are very good, beware, it may be difficult for you to do better. Remember to put forward a different value proposition.

Amazon customer reviews for content development

By reading customer reviews, you will have access to information that will allow you to write suitable content.

Indeed, if your customers ask themselves certain questions, you will be able to write content to answer them (FAQ, tutorials, blog articles, etc.)

Consider using the auto-suggestion feature in Amazon to see what the platform offers you when you start typing keywords related to your industry, your industry, your products.



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Amazon customer reviews for your marketing

What if your product is great, but your marketing needs a little work? Customer reviews can also help you here.

Take the time to look for the most successful products in your niche sector that are sold on Amazon.

For example, there are competitors to the Instant Pot pressure cooker, but you’ve probably never heard of it.


Because Instant Pot dominates the market thanks to very intelligent influence marketing!

But is it the best product in its category?

When you look at customer reviews ranging from 2 to 3 stars, certain trends seem to emerge:

  • Fast learning
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Lack of troubleshooting information for common issues
  • Lots of usage errors

So if I were a competitor to the Instant Pot, I would make sure to include better step-by-step documentation for usage and troubleshooting. And above all, I would use an extremely reactive after-sales service.

It’s your turn. Use Amazon reviews to improve your products, content, and marketing strategy!


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