Amazon Account Suspended- How to Get It Back

Amazon the world’s largest online marketplace is very specific regarding its sellers ‘policies and laws. To retain consumer trust and loyalty, all policy and law fall into Amazon policy, so that all the employees can have the same as well. Violating Amazon’s rules leads to the Suspended Amazon Account. Seller account suspension on Amazon also means a significant loss in terms of revenue, resources, and the company’s brand identity.

Amazon’s seller’s account suspends will know very well that now is a time to upgrade them and get it back. Your Amazon seller account could be facing suspension due to poor customer reviews, breaking some Amazon rules, selling a restricted product, or having too many returns. In any case, you have to work very carefully on that topic.


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How To Get Back Suspended Accounts?

If Amazon suspends your account, don’t panic. You still have the chance to get it back with a better action plan to show your concern for your business. Amazon also supports sellers who are committed to their business and are professional. To help you get your account back, we’ll give you the following step-by-step suggestion:


  • Understand the suspension letter

First of all, thoroughly read and understand your letter of suspension. Try to find out the reason for suspension. When you’re not sure on the matter, you can’t move in the right way and that can do more harm to you.


  • Prepare a plan of action

If you’re clear why your Amazon account suspended, then develop a plan detailing the changes and corrections you’ve put into your business. The developments will be consistent with the needs of Amazon’s sellers. To get an idea of what to do and what not, you should research and take advice from suspension cases of others. But the action plan must be special, as per Amazon’sletter of suspension.


  • Write an appeal letter

It is very difficult to write an outstanding appeal letter. Go through the Amazon Account Suspension templates and samples of letters of appeal, available, online. You will start writing the letter of appeal after learning about the structure and terminology that Amazon has understood.


  • Apply

After you have completed your letter of appeal and action plan, you will apply to get your account back to Amazon. To show your authenticity, add your letter of appeal and action plan along with Amazon’s suspension letter and all other supporting documentation such as your order invoice, certificates, etc.


How to get back from Amazon seller account suspension?


  • Follow up

In general, you should get a reply from Amazon within two days. You can contact the Amazon team to follow up on your case in case you do not receive any reply. You’ll get full support from the seller support team and suggestions.


If you do not know what to do after your Amazon account suspended then you need to contact the Amazon seller service providers to get your account back. ProServiceAppeal deals exclusively with Amazon suspension cases and helps the sellers to start selling on Amazon again. It is better to take help from well-trained professionals rather than making some mistakes.

You must work on every minor detail of your business for growth. Your account will be activated on Amazon, only when your proposal can display how serious and dedicated you are for your business. So what are you waiting for?  Contact us by dialing our toll-free number. We are always available to help you. 


 Amazon Account Suspended Can Be Reinstated By Dialing Our Toll-Free Number


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