Don’t make these mistakes when selling on Amazon!

Amazon Seller Mistakes: If you have ever been told that selling in a marketplace is sewing and singing, let me tell you that it is not. Achieving success in any project will always lead to errors, ups, and downs that will help you learn in the future.

Engaging in e-commerce requires knowledge, patience, and perseverance. In this way, it can be an easy and comfortable process in which you see excellent results in less time than you expect.

It is the same on Amazon. Amazon is the largest e-commerce in the world making it a great option to propel your business, but the beginnings are difficult and you can feel very lost by not knowing the platform and the use of it.

Below, we present you with some very common mistakes among Amazon sellers that have surely led to failure or slow evolution. We hope it helps you and you can avoid or solve them if the occasion arises!



If you have just started your career as an Amazon seller, you may have already encountered the odd stone along the way. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Here the important thing is to study the reason for each mistake so as not to make it again and with it, make the way to success easier.

Mistakes are very common within Amazon and all or the vast majority of sellers may have experienced them. We talk about them:


It is very important that once you have your product list, you make a previous study of the sale pricecosts of the product itself, and its profit margin. This study is essential to avoid losing any profitability of your sales.

Take your time to be sure of how to do it, here are some guidelines that you should not forget:

  • Analyze the cost of your products taking into account shipping costs, taxes, supply, and demand.
  • Put a realistic price on each item, you can guide yourself from the products of your direct competition so you will not do crazy things by putting a reduced or very high price. As well as setting a price that allows you to continue obtaining benefits after promotions or offers.
  • Amazon is a marketplace with many sellers, and among them, there will be thousands with products with the same characteristics as yours. Don’t forget about them. Take time to see their price evolution!

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Patience is the key part of the Marketplaces largest the world. It is a real business, which you must manage in the same way as a physical business. In addition to managing your costs and sales prices, you must plan a calendar of product publications, promotions, advertising … All this, within short, medium, and long-term objectives.

If you don’t know how to do this you can contact us. Once you have your products on the platform, you will have to be very patient before we reach our sales goal. Effort always pays off, so don’t despair!



If patience is a key factor in achieving your sales goals, commitment, and responsibility are other main elements to consider when entering the world of Amazon. The process does not end once the products are uploaded to the platform since it will be necessary to continue analyzing and detecting faults that we initially overlooked. It is very important to be an active seller, use social networks, do marketing campaigns, upload attractive photos of your products, update publications … If you neglect your publications you will not be able to reach your sales goals.



Before your bank account goes up, it must go down. That’s a fact. Invest in yourself first, nurture yourself with knowledge, and then invest in yourself as a seller. The advertising moves the world and Amazon would not be less.

A good advertising campaign is a crucial element for all businesses. At Amazon, you can do marketing campaigns for both your products and your pages (in case you have them). However, you can also complete them with Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaigns in order to improve your positioning and reach more possibly potential clients.



Giving false information about your product can be one of the first vendor’s big mistakes. Depending on each product, the fact of not determining the colors, functions, material, time of use, the truthfulness of its results … can lead your customers to feel cheated, and therefore their response is a negative review along with comments that do not favor anything. to your publication and to other clients who see it.

Therefore, be clear that as a seller your duty is, to tell the truth as well as ensure the quality of each of your sales. As we said before, within Amazon there are thousands of sellers, your goal is to differentiate yourself from the rest, but that is not achieved with fraudulent information.


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