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How to get Amazon Seller Account Reinstated in 2024

Reinstate Amazon seller account means a method of going back to Amazon after that particular account is suspended. The explanation for the suspension may be to get negative customer feedback, violate some Amazon rules, offer a restricted product, or get too many returns. Whatever the problem, Amazon needs to work very closely with the sellers to get their account restored.

Amazon doesn’t need anyone to introduce. The giant online platform is very strict on its policies when it comes to holding the customer’s faith and loyalty. The practices extend similarly to all its vendors. No matter how large or how small a seller is, breaking Amazon’s rules leads to that particular seller account being suspended.

Suspension at Amazon means a significant loss in terms of revenue, resources, and business brand identity. And the reinstatement process includes focused and intensive hard work in accordance with Amazon’s goals.


How To Reinstate Amazon Seller Account

Reinstatement of seller account is an opportunity to come back to Amazon with a brilliant action plan to prove yourself. Amazon also supports committed and professional sellers with their business.  

 reinstate amazon seller account


What not to Do After an Amazon Seller Account Suspension?


What not to Do After an Amazon Seller Account Suspension?



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Now that you’re ready with your letter of appeal and action plan, you can apply for Amazon to reinstate your seller account. To prove your validity, add your letter of appeal and action plan along with the letter of suspension and all other appropriate and supporting documents, such as your purchase invoice, certificates, etc.

Amazon responds usually within two days of the appeal. However, if you don’t get a response, you can contact the seller support team to follow up on what’s going on. You will get full support and advice from the support team of Amazon sellers.

Third-party, Amazon Seller Service Providers

Amazon Seller Service Provider, ProServiceAppeal, is operating exclusively with Amazon’s sellers to help them re-establish amazon seller account. If you don’t know what to do, you will be able to contact the service provider when your account is suspended or you face any difficulties with any of these things.

Instead than getting into more difficulties, it is easier to take help from well-trained professionals. Only when your proposal can show your seriousness and commitment to your business, you need to know that your account will activate on Amazon.

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