Amazon Enhanced Brand Content(EBC)

Welcome to the building your brand post series. Today we’ll be covering the enhanced brand content or EBC tool. After this post you should have a better understanding of:

  1. The features of the tool
  2. The benefits of adding EBC to your ASINS 
  3. The best practices to follow and a few ways to increase the likelihood of having your content approved.


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Let’s start with a quick overview: What is Enhanced Brand Content?


Amazon enhanced brand content ebc


The EBC tool and seller central is available to all amazon brand registered sellers. It enables you to engage customers with your brand on product detail pages through additional text and images which are published over the plain text product description.


Amazon enhanced brand content ebc


Over 55% of US shoppers start their product searches on Amazon, and the product detail page is one of the most important pieces of real estate you have to engage these customers.


Amazon enhanced brand content ebc

Adding enhance brand content may increase traffic to your detail pages and lead to a sales increase by helping convert customers who are on the fence about purchasing a product. Higher quality content may also reduce product returns since customers will have additional product details to help inform their purchase decision. Finally adding a brand story in the EBC section can help develop a loyal customer base for your brand which can lead to repeat purchases.


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How do I Create Enhanced Based Content(EBC):

First, use the EBC help content and seller central to find template requirements and make sure you’re following guidelines.

Then enter the SKU of the product for which you’ll be adding content.

amazon enhanced brand content  

Next, follow the on-screen prompts to select a template and upload your media assets.

finally, preview and submit.

EBC Best Practices


amazon enhanced brand content


Amazon will review the content within 7 days but often sooner. If approved the content will publish to the detail page. If not your EBC dashboard will tell you why. Click revise to see the reason a particular piece of content was rejected, make the necessary revisions, and resubmit.

Since customers spend a short amount of time on each product page you have a very limited window in which to capture their attention. Too much content can turn a customer away so always focus on quality over quantity. Gather insights from customer reviews and returns to help provide the most relevant content which can have the largest impact on sales.

Customers are more likely to purchase when they’re confident in what they’re buying. Adding enhanced brand content to ASINS that are already getting additional traffic from sponsored products, deals, and advertising campaigns can generate significant sales increases.


amazon enhanced brand content

Ensuring your submissions meet our content standards. We’ll help you get your content published faster. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Void images that are blurry or contain text too small to read on all devices. Be sure that any text in your images is at least a 14 point font and preferably larger.

All warranties and guarantees are strictly prohibited in your EBC content. Also, avoid references that describe you as an Amazon seller. This content is intended to be about your product or brand.

Mentioning your other products or those of your competitors is also prohibited. We’re working on new features for you to cross merchandise your brand’s products but don’t currently allow it in EBC.

That’s it for our overview get started today with enhanced brand content and see how this tool can help you increase conversion and sales while building your brand on Amazon.

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