Amazon Buy Box Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to this Amazon theme? Surely then you have doubts about many things. Nothing happens, do not worry that in this post we are going to answer some questions regarding the famous Amazon buy box.

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Why is the Amazon Buy Box so important?

To understand a little of what this post is about, the first thing we are going to do is help you to know why this precious buy box is so important for Amazon sellers.
Over 78% of Amazon’s total sales occur there, within the Buy Box, and that’s why it represents immense value to any competitive seller on the Amazon marketplace. That is why in this post we have formulated the most frequent questions and answers related to the buy box to give you a much clearer vision.

When a customer arrives at a product’s detail page, Amazon selects a seller whose details appear in a white box on the right side of the page. If a customer clicks the “Add to cart” button, the sale goes to the seller in that buy box.

How can you qualify to be in the Amazon Buy Box?

To be a Buy Box candidate, you must be an experienced professional seller with a sales history on Amazon. You must also have high levels of performance. In Seller Central you can check the eligibility by SKU, going to the Inventory tab and selecting the inventory manager section.

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How Can I Check Eligibility for Buy Box?

To verify it, just click on the Vendor Central Inventory tab and select inventory management. Then, go to the Preferences tab and look for the ” Buy Eligible Box ” field. You must select “Show when available” and see the column “Buy Eligible Box” for a specific product.

How do you qualify for the Buy Box?

To qualify for Amazon Buy Box, you have to have a professional seller account, sell a new item, and be eligible for that specific product. In order to be a Buy Box candidate, you must have spent time selling on Amazon and have adhered to sellers’ high levels of performance.

How do I get to the Buy Box?

To win the Amazon Buy Box, you have to offer the best balance between high sales performance and low prices. Amazon takes into account many different factors when determining who wins the Buy Box in relation to your competitors’ offers, so you should regularly check the metrics that affect the Buy Box.

Is the Amazon Buy Box Shared?

Amazon has long forgotten the idea of ​​giving the Buy Box to a single seller for the most popular products. Instead, the Buy Box is shared between different sellers, and their share of the Buy Box is given by various considerations, such as the method of fulfillment, price, and delivery time.

I’m not in the Buy Box. What does that mean?

There are two situations in which no seller wins the buy box. The first reason is when no seller meets the requirements to win the buy box which is the same as having below-standard metrics. And the second case is when sellers’ prices are considered unreasonable because they are higher than the list price.

Why are there Publications that do not have a Buy Box?

A Buy Box is unlikely to appear if no seller meets the requirements or if sellers’ prices are higher than the list price. The Buy Box would display the “See All Purchase Options” button and the buyer would be taken to the Offer Listing page, where all sellers of that product are listed in purchase price order.

What does that mean “Win the Amazon Buy Box”?

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon means you have the best combination of high sales performance and low price against the competition. Amazon ranks each eligible offer into many different variables and evaluates each one against the other sellers offering the same product.

We hope we have helped you answer any questions you may have regarding the Amazon Buy Box. If you are an Amazon seller but you don’t have enough experience, don’t worry, you also have the opportunity to win the Buy Box. But how is it possible to win the Buy box if I don’t have as much experience on Amazon?

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