We are a Professional Amazon Appeal Service provider and manage all the activities of the seller account.

The suspension of the Amazon seller account is an extremely terrible circumstance for the seller. It is like an awful for the seller. None of the sellers want suspension of their amazon-account.

The entire operation gets cease after the seller Amazon account gets suspended. This happens when the seller doesn’t move in the line of Amazon. The best way to get back suspended account is to contact the best provider of Amazon ProserviceAppeal.

Now, this is the time to contact the Amazon lawyer team who has expertise knowledge of the Amazon mechanism. Our Amazon lawyer knows all the Amazon mechanisms and they have specialization to cater to the requirements of Amazon seller who has been suspended for any kind reason.


Why you get suspended?

The reason for getting suspended on amazon can be:

    • You have violated Amazon’s policies.
    • Amazon wants to verify your account details.
    • Selling restricted products.

But it is very hard to find the exact reason for your suspension, even if you have faced it for the first time or you are a returning seller.

We helped Suspended Amazon Sellers to get their account reinstated within 72 hrs,

  • Appeal for any type of suspension.
  • Unlimited repeat appeal.
  • Free Consultation 24X7

What type of suspension do we work with? – [Amazon Appeal Service]

We know what Amazon wants from you when the matter comes to reinstate the account. Will write an Appeal that will help Amazon to understand why your account gets suspended and what the initiatives you will take to avoid such issues in the future.

  • Marketplaces: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, India, China, Japan, Australia, France, and other  Marketplaces

Suspensions We deal with:

  1. Inauthentic claims
  2. Counterfeit claims
  3. Used sold as new
  4. IP counterfeit infringement
  5. Trademark infringement
  6. Copyright infringement
  7. Late shipment rate
  8. Order defect rate
  9. Linked accounts
  10. Safety complaints
  11. Forged and manipulated documents
  12. Review manipulation and others.

Action plan and calls

We write action plans in line with what Amazon wants. Trust our experience.

We understand Amazon’s requests. Lifting the suspension of a seller’s account is a complex process and nothing should be left to chance. We know how to “decode” Amazon’s demand in terms of an action plan.


Amazon has its own rules (“laws”) and we know how to interpret them in order to write optimal action plans. Everything is opaque: the reason for the suspension, what is missing in the action plan … We understand the “language” Amazon.


Our action plans are unique and 100% adapted to your case. The acceptance of the action plan often depends on little thing, the argument must be in accordance with your situation.


Establishment of contact and analysis of the situation. A consultant 100% dedicated to your case takes note of the situation and asks you for various elements in order to have a precise view of your case. We call on experts if needed (eg a lawyer for copyright issues).

Writing of the action plan and other procedures. The plan is written, and various actions can be taken depending on your situation. We send you the action plan with instructions for sending.

Complementary action plan and put in contact with other departments if necessary. Amazon often asks for additional elements, we provide appropriate responses until the account is unlocked. If we see that the situation is not moving forward, we use alternative means of contact.


Amazon law experts are available to help you at all times. They work-incessantly 24/7 hours. Our main intention is to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension of our seller customers.

For this suspension cause, immediately contact us at our Amazon Toll-Free Number anytime to have an appropriate amazon appeal service.

Call us for Amazon Appeal Service (US/UK/CANADA & Other Countries)





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