It’s a treasure trove out there for any used luxury watch buyer. But even the savviest second-hand luxury watch buyers are vulnerable to making a costly mistake when trying to grab their next timeless piece.

So, what are the Dos and Donts when you are out to buy pre-owned watches? Let this article be a comprehensive guide for you.

1. Buy the Seller, not the watch:

The trust you put on the seller is what drives your vintage watch purchase. The parameters to include are-

a. The seller’s online presence
b. Seller website
c. Seller Social media profiles
d. Verified reviews of the seller

When you plan to buy pre-owned luxury watch, do check its photograph as it is a good way to detect scammers who don’t have a physical presence. Also, ask the seller to set the watch to a particular time – only possible if the said watch is in actual possession.

2. Maintenance Costs:

Older the watch, the more careful you need to be while calculating potential costs. Watches made pre-1980s fall under the vintage category and are prone to be less robust & more accidental prone. Wear and tear will be a given as well be the yearly servicing costs.

Watch winders are a good way to prevent resetting watches once they run out of power.

3. Low Prices? Treat with caution:

If the price of the vintage watch you have been eyeing is quoted way too low – treat that as a red flag. What you need is a comprehensive comparison of watches of similar age and condition. This helps you ascertain the market value of the watch you are set to buy.

Cheap vintage watches are more than often either fake or damaged or of stolen possession. Watchmasters are certified used luxury watch buyer who offer luxury watches with original quality certification.

4. Returns policy:

Trustworthy sellers would always provide the following when you plan to buy pre-owned luxury watch from them-

a. Warranty Card
b. Returns policy
c. Original presentation box
d. User manual

e. Certificate of Authenticity

Sellers providing these 5 are bound to offer you a refund or exchange in case of a problem. Make sure to use services such as PayPal when buying online – the inbuilt buyer and fraud protection will come in handy for unforeseen emergencies.

Make sure to tick off this checklist next time you visit watch-masters your heart desires a pre-owned vintage watch.
Steer clear of over polished watches, check for the strap/ bracelet or buckle/ clasp durability – and the most crucial of all – a personal inspection should precede your purchase. Remember these tips and you are good to go!