With more than 320 billion in turnover generated in 2020, including 8.2 billion in US, Amazon remains by far the world leader in e-commerce sites. In digital advertising, Jeff Bezos’ firm is in 3rd position behind Google and Facebook, thanks to its Amazon Advertising advertising agency launched […]

With more than 320 billion in turnover generated in 2020, including 8.2 billion in France, Amazon remains by far the world leader in e-commerce sites.

On the side of the digital advertising , the firm of Jeff Bezos is placed in 3 th place behind Google and Facebook, through its advertising agency Amazon Adwords Advertising launched in 2008 under the name Amazon Marketing Services.

In addition to offering a considerable database of users to merchants wishing to deploy sponsored advertising campaigns, Amazon continues to diversify its advertising formats and develop new features on its network, in order to convince e-merchants to use this solution to put their products more prominently.

In this article, our Amazon Ads agency details the interest for an e-merchant to get started on this advertising network, and guides you in the launch of your first Amazon Ads campaigns.

What is Amazon Ads?

Like Google Ads and Facebook Ads , Amazon Advertising is a digital advertising agency allowing e-merchants to set up paid referencing campaigns which will aim to promote the products they offer.

This solution therefore makes it possible to make the products more widely known to potential future customers using the Amazon platform. With more than 300 million active accounts, Amazon offers a wide variety of targeting for merchants running advertising campaigns.

In addition to the spaces reserved directly on the Amazon platform, e-merchants will also be able to benefit from a distribution on advertising spaces of partner sites, in order to increase their presence on the web.

Why use Amazon Ads?

Take advantage of Amazon’s notoriety and its traffic

With over 50% of online shoppers going directly to Amazon to shop, the entire buying process for consumers has evolved over the past several years. This is why Amazon Advertising has become a real opportunity for e-merchants to gain visibility and increase sales .

With such a large audience, there is no doubt that merchants will find the audience that interests them and to which they will broadcast their ads.

A network of powerful partner sites

Among the wide choice of advertising formats, some of them will not be broadcast only on the Amazon platform and its application, but also on other Amazon partner sites.

This therefore allows advertisers to broadcast their ads to qualified Internet users even when they are browsing outside the Amazon site, and thus increase its visibility.

Indeed, with its affiliate program , Amazon can broadcast advertisements on its partner sites. Amazon then pays a commission when a purchase is made on the marketplace.

A strong intention to purchase

Unlike Google, Amazon is a platform solely devoted to purchasing products , which suggests that its visitors have high purchase intention and therefore it will be easier to convince them to buy.

In general, users have high trust in Amazon, which further increases the conversion rate of a prospect looking for a specific product.

Developing its presence on this marketplace and setting up advertising campaigns will therefore give merchants an additional opportunity to acquire new customers and retain them.

UX over-optimized for conversion

The stakes in terms of user experience revenue on the Amazon site are colossal. Designing a multigenerational UX and UI (user interface) as optimized on desktop as on mobile could only be achieved using the A / B testing. Year after year, the Amazon teams have tested new CTAs (call to actions), new locations for them, modified associated and recommended products, improved product descriptions… in order to find out what has the most impact. ‘effects on conversion.

Today, the teams have refined the UX to optimize the triggering of purchases, and therefore improve the conversion rate.

When an Internet user is in the purchasing phase, he compares different offers on different marketplaces or online stores; these offers may not be yours. Being on Amazon means giving yourself more chances to sell.

What are the Amazon Ads campaign formats?

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products ads appear on results pages as well as product pages . These are cost-per-click ads , so merchants will only pay when a user clicks on the ad. This makes it easier to control spending and plan budgets.

This format is used to highlight individual product offerings that the merchant sells on Amazon, to visitors looking for similar products .

No visual creation is expected since the advertisements are generated automatically from the product pages.

The operation is similar to that found on advertisements Google ads. The merchant buys keywords related to his products, and Internet users who search for this type of product on Amazon are offered the merchant’s advertisement as a priority.

We also find similarities in the selection of keywords which can be done manually (choose the keywords on which to position yourself) or automatically (Amazon selects the keywords that can generate sales).

Sponsored Brands

The main purpose of this ad format is to build brand awareness through customizable ads that appear on Amazon results pages.

Like Sponsored Products, these ads are billed on a cost-per-click basis.

These advertisements may feature the merchant’s brand logo , a personalized title , and a selection of products  ; they are distributed to customers looking for similar products.

When an Internet user clicks on the brand’s logo, they are redirected to the Store or a personalized landing page , while if they click on one of the products in the advertisement, they are redirected to the product page.

A redirection from Sponsored Brands to a Store allows the Internet user to be engaged in an environment that concerns only your brand, and therefore to distance him from the competition.


The creation of a Store allows you to personalize a landing page dedicated to your brand, and thus reinforce your brand awareness on Amazon. This space allows merchants to reference their product portfolios and to create an immersive environment around the brand.

The simplified implementation of this interface does not require any coding, it is a “drag and drop” system that allows easy inclusion of multimedia images and videos.

Once the Store is put online, the merchant is given his own web address “Amazon.com/brandname”, allowing him to promote his Store with advertisements on or outside of Amazon.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Displays allow you to develop your business and your brand by reaching the most suitable audience , both on Amazon and on partner sites . With this distribution outside the Amazon platform, the merchant arouses interest in Internet users throughout their purchasing journey .

Here too, setting up campaigns is greatly simplified. The visuals are automatically generated from the product sheets, and invoicing is done at cost per click.

Importantly, advertisements are only shown when products are in stock , to avoid unnecessary investment.

Two targeting options are available on Sponsored Display:

  • Targeting by products : allows you to generate consideration from Internet users who are actively looking for products or categories of products similar to yours. Ads will only be visible on product pages or results pages of the Amazon platform.
  • Audience targeting : Helps engage new buyers with Amazon audiences created from segments using various buying signals. It also allows you to retarget Internet users who have already shown interest in your products and who will therefore probably have a greater intention to purchase. Ads will be visible on Amazon and partner sites.

Video ads

Two types of video ads are available on Amazon, with the goal of communicating a brand message on a large scale, and to relevant audiences.

  • OTT (over-the-top) video advertisements appear before, during, or after OTT content (Internet media service without the participation of a traditional network operator). With the explosion in traffic to streaming sites, the distribution of advertising on streaming digital media continues to increase, to the detriment of traditional television. Using Amazon’s proprietary data, it is possible to target the audience that seems most relevant to the seller, among the more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide.
  • Online video ads are available to businesses whether or not they sell products on Amazon, as is OTT video ads. Ads appear in both in-stream and out-stream formats, on browsers and apps, and on all types of devices. Amazon data will allow you to determine the audience segments most receptive to your ads, in order to develop your brand awareness and sales volume.

Amazon DSP

The DSP (demand-side platform) is a platform that allows advertisers to buy display and video ads on Amazon and its partner sites, and to deliver them on a large scale in a programmatic manner to the most relevant audience.

This console is accessible both to advertisers who sell products on Amazon and to those who do not.

Thanks to this off-site distribution, it will be as well possible to target new customers by offering them content presenting your brand and your flagship products, as it will be possible to target Internet users who have already visited your product pages and who will be more likely to move quickly to procurement.

It is therefore important to stress that thanks to these extremely powerful targeting (made possible thanks to the large volume of data that Amazon collects from its users), this programmatic tool will not have as its sole objective the development of brand awareness, but also the increase in sales performance .

Tracking, monitoring and KPIs thanks to Sizmek Ad Suite

Sizmek Ad Suite is a multi-channel tool for creating, distributing, personalizing, measuring and optimizing advertising campaigns.

Thanks to this platform, the advertiser will be able to benefit from many advantages between the creation of the campaign and the analysis of its performance.

  • Creative tools and services : creative tools for all skill levels and allowing you to set up dynamic creations. If the advertiser’s creative resources are too limited, then they can call on the Sizmek Ad Suite design team.
  • Multi-channel advertising service and tag management : the measurement of conversions and engagement of display / video campaigns on all types of devices can be managed directly from Sizmek Ad Suite. It is also possible to configure third-party pixels there.
  • Dynamic creative optimization: the use of first-party data allows advertisers to create personalized ads to deliver the right message, at the right time, and on the right channels.
  • Advanced reporting: Detailed analysis of the entire advertising funnel and understanding of the consumer journey is possible with flexible and personalized reports.

Do you want to develop your business on Amazon and need help with the deployment of your advertising campaigns?

Our expert and Amazon Adwords Ads certified consultants can assist you in developing your strategy on this lever.