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Are you looking to sell on Amazon, but don’t know which barcodes you should use? There are many barcodes available, including UPC, EAN, and other options. It can be confusing to know which barcode to use to list your product on Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, Flipkart, or other websites.

You have arrived at the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about barcodes. Aside from this, I will also show you how to list your on Amazon.

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This article will answer the most frequently asked bar code questions that I receive from new Amazon sellers, including…

  • What are UPC?, EAN, ISBN and JAN?, GTIN?
  • Where can I buy UPC codes at a low price for Amazon?
  • What’s a GS1 Barcode?
  • How do you apply for a GTIN exemption without a UPC code?
  • What barcode should you put on your Amazon packaging?
  • Can you buy barcodes at a discount from UPC resellers and use them?
  • What’s an FNSKU? And what can you do with it.
  • How many UPC code are you requiring for your products?

You will also learn about the various UPC barcodes, and what is legal to use for Amazon as well as retail outlets such as Walmart.

Even for seasoned sellers, there’s still confusion about Amazon’s barcode requirements and labeling.

What is UPC?

UPC stands to Universal Product code. People often use the terms UPC symbol, UPC symbol and UPC barcode interchangeably.

A UPC barcode is a machine-readable code that contains a number of numbers and bars. Barcodes enable items to be quickly scanned with tools like a barcode scanner. They consist of a sequence of digits known as a GTIN.

GTIN stands for Global Trade Items Number. Here’s what these numbers mean.

The UPC prefix is the first set of numbers shown in red. The UPC company prefix, a 6–10 digit number assigned to the GS1 and uniquely identify the company.

The item refer is the second set of numbers in blue. These numbers are used to refer to a product by the brand owner.

The single digit in the green color is the check number. It is used to verify that the barcode has been entered correctly.

Amazon currently accepts only genuine GS1 barcodes to list products. You might be wondering what GS1 means.

The GS1 standards organization manages product identification numbers and guidelines around the globe. Each GS1 UPC code permits products to be recognized and accepted around the world.

Each UPC code is unique, which allows customers or vendors to immediately identify the brand and product they are purchasing.

What number of UPC Barcodes do I need?

An online retailer is similar to a brick-and-mortar shop. You may have seen barcodes on each product.

UPC barcodes are used to identify products track sales, and streamline the selling and delivery of products.

The rules for how many barcodes you should buy and when they should be used can be broken down quite easily.

Each identical product you sell must use the same barcode.

You will need one barcode if you are selling 100 identical “red” handkerchiefs.

Each 100 “blue” handkerchiefs will receive a unique barcode.

Each size group in will need its own barcode if there are variations in .

Each bundle that contains 2 items will require its own barcode.

Below is a summary to help you make this point.

  • 100 red Hankies = One unique code that is applied to all 100 red Hankies in this group
  • 100 Blue Hankies = One Unique Code for all 100 blue Hanskies in that Group
  • 100 red hankies and 100 red hankies = One unique code for small hankies, and another code for large hankies
  • 100 bundles of 1 red and 1 bleu hankie = 1 unique code for each bundle

My most frequent question about UPC codes is how to deal with bundled products.

You still need a unique UPC even if you have UPC codes for each item in the bundle that you are selling.

Amazon won’t take different items off the shelves and create bundles.

Bundles are an independent product. You should treat them as such, considering their unique prices, unique shipping weights, and unique dimensions.

These are the types of barcodes you will encounter when selling online

You may come across the following types of barcodes when selling on Amazon:

  • Manufacturer Barcodes – GCID, UPC, EAN, ISBN
  • Amazon Barcodes FNSKU

It can be confusing to know that there are many barcode types. They all serve the same purpose: to uniquely identify your product.

The code type you will need depends on what you are selling and where you are selling .

Manufacturer Barcode Types (UPC, EAN, ISBN)

Manufacturer barcodes can be used to refer to GTIN (Global Trading Item Number) and Amazon loves to make things confusing by offering multiple options such as GCID, UPC and ISBN when listing products.

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