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Nowadays, many sales are made on marketplaces like Amazon. However, selling on this type of platform is not easy and requires different thinking than that which one can have for the sale via traditional online stores.

Optimize your product content for better visibility

Product title

On Amazon, your product title should not exceed 50 characters. So make sure that the wording of the title is not only concise but also clear, precise, and in line with the product.

In particular, it is advisable to place a capital letter at the first letter of each word, this will capture the reader’s interest. However, avoid writing the entire title in capslock, as this gives the impression that you are screaming.

Finally, also avoid numbers as well as mathematical symbols and punctuation, not forgetting terms such as “free”, “promotion” or “offer”.

The product sheet

This description, placed directly below the title, must provide explicit and precise information on the content as well as the characteristics of the product in question. Amazon will give you the option to divide it into several points in order to list the main advantages of your product with a total limit of five advantages.

However, be sure to put the most important assets in the first three points as these are the only ones that show on a mobile device. The product sheet can be up to 500 characters long, however, it is advisable not to exceed a hundred in order to more easily attract the reader’s attention.

A detailed description

This description helps to convince the potential customer of the usefulness of your product with a much more complete text of up to 2000 characters. Here, you can dwell a little longer on the positive points of the article by taking the time to detail them. This will allow you to make the customer understand how this product will change their life in a positive way, while highlighting its originality.

To do this, answer the questions “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” in order to score points with the consumer and provide him with all the necessary information about the product.

The use of images

A picture is worth a thousand words ! It is essential that the image (s) associated with the product are of the highest quality to create envy and thus boost your sales. It is also essential to have at least one main image because otherwise your product will not appear in search results or when browsing Amazon.

Additional images should be of good quality, attractive and informative. The item being sold should appear on at least 85% of the image that portrays it. The minimum resolution must be 1000 pixels in length and 500 in width.

Position your products well with the Buy Box

When a customer arrives on a product sheet, there are two options. If Amazon directly manages the sale of the product, the “Buy Box” (located on the right side of the page) will show Amazon’s stock. On the other hand, if the online sales giant does not have this product in its stock, it will redirect the consumer to other sellers.

The details of the merchant chosen by Amazon will then be indicated in the Buy Box and when a customer clicks on “Add to cart”, the sale will be made to this seller. Whatever happens, customers will be able to view all of the offers under the item description. The key is therefore to get your offer to appear at the top of the list.

The marketplace takes into account several parameters in the positioning of the articles. To get started, it is essential to have a professional account to be eligible for the Buy Box. Then, the price of the item as well as the delivery costs are taken into account, the products offering the best prices having a better chance of improving their positioning.

History as a seller on Amazon is also an important criterion. The marketplace thus takes into account the merchant’s seniority, the number of items he has already sold and the positive comments. The more numerous and favorable the opinions, the more likely you are to be better positioned.

Finally, don’t forget to bet on the quality of your customer service, which is a key element to winning the Buy Box.

Also, make sure you have enough stock and let Amazon know if the business is shutting down for the holidays. On the other hand, to have a better reputation on the marketplace, it may be wise to offer several delivery options and, possibly, to fully assume the costs thereof.

Marketing and Advertising

To boost your sales, you can turn to Amazon Marketing Services which offers marketing tools to help you promote your products. There are three formats you can use for your marketplace. First of all, there are “Sponsored Products” which generate sales through targeted ads.

It is a system that is similar to Google Adwords with which it will be up to you to determine the amount you want to invest on a daily basis as well as the keywords on which you want to bet.

We then find the “Headline Search” which is a system operating in a similar way to that previously discussed. However, here your products will be positioned directly in the search results instead of just being highlighted. Since the suggestion is integrated directly into the Internet user’s research process, in this case it has a less aggressive approach commercially.

Finally, we have the “Product Display Ads” which consists of a banner and targets certain types of consumers according to their tastes and interests by using their purchase history or product searches they have previously carried out.

The importance of logistics management

Logistics play an essential role in online sales. Thus, to gain visibility, it is important to optimize your mailings. It is advisable to offer fast deliveries with tracking while taking all or part of the costs or keeping them relatively low.

Many consumers abandon their shopping cart when they are faced with the cost of shipping their order. So make sure you have an optimized logistics solution that allows you to manage your shipments smoothly and at a lower cost.

Solutions such as the one offered by Packlink PRO help choose the most suitable delivery service for online sellers by offering a choice of more than 10 carriers (without contract or commitment). Use of the platform is completely free, and you benefit from reduced rates on your shipments. All you need to do is log into Packlink PRO, automatically import your Amazon orders, and ship them.

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